Our Program

Our Program

United Family Advocates provides affordable help with your family law issues.

We are not a law firm and cannot give legal advice.

Through our matching program you have access to a network of experienced private attorneys in your area who offer their services at greatly reduced rates. All charges are flat rate, fixed, clear from the start, and far more affordable than what attorneys outside our program charge. You can choose the attorney that best suits your needs. You get the attorney you want, at a price you can afford.

We offer our members these essential services:

Document Preparation

Family law matters often involve complex and intimidating paperwork, such as:

  • petitions for custody
  • motions to modify visitation or child support
  • acknowledgements of paternity
  • divorce decrees
  • petitions to establish guardianships

You will receive expert help with document preparation for all family law matters, utilizing our network of private family law attorneys.

Attorney Matching Network

Many family law issues involve court appearances, such as:

  • hearings to determine temporary custody as a divorce begins
  • temporary protective order (TPO) and temporary restraining order (TRO) hearings
  • hearings to modify existing custody or visitation orders
  • child support hearings with the Attorney General

If you need an attorney for these kinds of court appearances, you will have access to our client-attorney matching system. This system matches you with family law attorneys in our network based on criteria such as your type of case, location, and the attorney’s level of experience. You can then choose the attorney who best suits your needs. Attorneys in our network have agreed in advance to offer their services at reduced rates in the spirit of our program.

Support and Information

Beyond documents and court dates, we also provide you with needed support and information throughout your case. Being served papers, receiving court notifications, and getting letters from an opposing attorney can be unsettling experiences. We educate you about how all these elements of the family law system work so your legal process can be better informed and less stressful. Remember, knowledge is power!


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